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Twinning event between JCI Ukraine, JCI Cologne, and JCI Bonn on Thursday evening, 29.04.2021

On a warm Thursday evening 40 energetic people from different locations and regions as Dnirpo, Kiev, Poltava, Uzhgorod (Ukraine), and Cologne, Bonn (Germany) gathered for an inspiring international exchange.

Each chapter presented itself, its region, and the top-3 of its JCI projects.

JCI Ukraine introduced a “Special hike to the Carpathian highlands for children with autism”, “ECOConciousUA”,  and “Online university”.

JCI Bonn continued with “Kauf1Mehr / Buy 1 More”, “1 Tag Azubi / 1 Day Apprentice”,  and “Unternehmerdialog / Entrepreneur dialogue”. 

JCI Cologne demonstrated “Gründerpreis / Founder prize”, “Dein nächstes Tun!-Event / Your Next Do! / Event”, and “Der Bewerbungsprozess / The Application process”.

Each of the projects stimulated a plethora of ideas and appreciations.
The chapters aligned to organize further events with a strong cooperation focus.

The final part of the event took place in WonderMe tool with flexible break-out rooms in the form of an active networking where multiple ideas of further collaborations appeared.

Marke Köln